I am Hollandaise sauce from butter, 
rolling over the perfectly poached 
egg, its insides run from fork and knife.
I can be such a ham sometimes — much too salty.
I am breakfast, the start to your day. Think
balanced, nutritious, and important.
Add some veggies to your benedict,
I am asparagus … tomato …
Some people skip me and are just fine.
Between the English muffin I hide.

I am certified organic food
Naturally grown Arugula!
Satin white carrots are on my mind, while
I crunch from the weight of what’s on top.
Soledad goat cheese. Olive oil. 
Landjager stuffed in hog casing
accented by Paprika spices.
Made with the hands of Chef Yvon.
I am the unctuous mushroom pulled
From the dirt finally seeing sun. 

I am a tender filet mignon
hugged by salted butter lobster claws.
Land and sea united on the plate.
Roasted herb fingerling potatoes
Mingle and vie for attention with
A mirepoix of aromatics.  
I will leave this moment remembered. 
Take pleasure in the indulgences, 
I am the crème brûlée to your day
I am your chocolate soufflé at the very end.

—Michelle Slieff